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SIDE: Audio Production

SIDE works at the cutting edge of interactive media as a provider of audio services for the global entertainment market.
We primarily work with video game developers and publishers, providing casting, directing, production management, recording, and post production for their exciting and innovative projects. From our production hubs at Tileyard London, plus in Shanghai and Los Angeles, we also manage and oversee the localisation of these projects into over 30 languages.
SIDE’s facilities feature high-spec studios and state-of-the-art access control for highly confidential projects. In addition to the usual single-actor session, we can host filmed auditions, ensemble records and provide facial capture with our head-mounted cameras (HMC).


PTW: Translation

Our global professional native linguists, based both in-house and in-territory, cover over 30 languages every day. This extended network means we are highly scalable and adaptable. Our linguists are subject matter experts and gamers, providing translations tailored to the specific game genres. Our commitment to continuous evaluation means we can guarantee consistently high-quality content.