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5 Ways You Can Have a Positive Impact On Your Community in a Trying Time

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During this uncertain time, it’s important to remember that, while following Government recommendations, there are many ways we can support those in our communities most impacted by Covid-19. Here are five ways you can have a positive impact during this difficult time.

1.Donate to a food bank

As many schools and businesses are forced to close until further notice, food banks, charities and foundations supporting vulnerable people, people in need and children are under pressure. Monetary or item donations to local organisations such as Islington Foodbank will help feed those struggling in your community. 

2. Check on friends, neighbours, and family

Social distancing and self-isolation can make some feel alone or overwhelmed. Remember to connect with loved ones and neighbours on the phone or a video call. In our community, Islington council, voluntary sector and mutual aid groups are working together to provide help via ‘We Are Islington’. This help could include getting food or medicine, online group activities or a friendly phone conversation. You can also offer to be a ‘We Are Islington’ volunteer here.

3. Support small businesses

As many autonomous communities implement shutdowns, small businesses such as local restaurants and independent shops are some of the hardest hit. Your favourite local spots are often what make your community unique. Ordering a take-away, purchasing gift cards for use at a later date, or ordering a delivered meal for a friend are all great ways to help support small businesses in your community.

4. Donate blood

You can still donate blood during the coronavirus outbreak, and travelling to give blood is considered essential travel. The NHS always welcomes donors to keep its supplies of blood full and hospitals need our blood in the coming weeks more than ever. Guidance and info on how to donate can be found here.

5. Continue safe social distancing

From our individual communities to the larger global society, we are all in this together. We hope you stay healthy and safe during this time. Keep up to date with all the latest government advice here.


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