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Beerology at Two Tribes Brewhouse and Taproom

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BEEROLOGY is a brand new quarterly event that will bring together the best of the craft beer community at our King’s Cross Brewhouse & Taproom.

That means TEDx-style discussions and debates about the beer industry, emerging trends, movers and shakers, hop culture, tastings and more. We’ll welcome influential names and creative minds to the taproom who share our passion for all things beer.

First up is Pete Brown’s Beer & Music Matching.

Pete Brown is an author, journalist, broadcaster and consultant specialising in food and drink. Two Tribes is pleased to welcome him to the taproom for our first ever BEEROLOGY event and an evening of beer, music and hoppy discovery.

Your brain is lying to you. You have more than five senses. And you can hear the difference between IPA and stout – fact. This audio-visual extravaganza has evolved into a mixture of fandom, storytelling and genuine neuro-scientific research.

Pete Brown has been running experimental beer tastings for seven years, pairing top tunes and characterful beers. Think it sounds like nonsense? Join us at Two Tribes Brewing on Wednesday 26th June and have your senses challenged.

Our mobile horsebox food truck will also be open on the night for street food delights cooked up by our resident chef.

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