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Callum Finlay Joins Autonomy as Head of Digital

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We are thrilled to announce that Tileyard Education alumni, Callum Finlay, has started working at Autonomy as Head of Digital. 

Callum is a recent MA Music Business graduate, who formed a strong relationship with Autonomy  throughout his studies. We know Callum as someone who has always had a passion for marketing and working with artists, so we have no doubt that this is a great step into a successful career.

Recently, we caught up with Callum to tell us all about his experience here at Tileyard Education, his relationship with Autonomy, and his new role as Head Of Digital. 

Why did you choose Tileyard as a place to study your masters?

I chose Tileyard mainly because of the value of being on campus in Europe’s leading music community. Being able to mingle and network with leading music industry professionals like you can within Tileyard is invaluable. Alongside this, access to the studio facilities and the various social events were huge factors for me.

What was your experience like studying at the Tileyard Community?

It was fantastic. I came to find like minded people and gain some real industry knowledge and experience both of which I found at TYE. The opportunity to learn from major players within the industry and then apply this learning to projects alongside fellow classmates made the whole learning experience exciting and practical. I found both a job and my business partner, Elliot Devine – King, who has been working alongside me on our music fin-tech start-up within the Tileyard community. Can’t ask for more than that!

How did you form a relationship with Autonomy?

Both of my bosses within Autonomy had given us lectures on various occasions. It was through these lectures that I realised my interest in working within campaign management. When the placement application process came about, they were top of my list. From there it was just a matter of meeting for a few coffees on campus and the next thing I knew I was working alongside them.

Do you feel that completing the MA Music Business programme prepared you for working at Autonomy, if so, how?

The course gave me a good understanding of a wide variety of roles within the industry. This helped me realise all the various roles required to release a project and how to manage all these moving parts. The Marketing module in particular gave me some great insight into building a campaign from scratch. Being able to practise this in a classroom setting definitely prepared me for my first campaign with Autonomy.

Could you tell us more about your role at Autonomy? And how are you finding it working there?

I absolutely love working with Autonomy! If you had asked me last year, I would have probably said this was my dream job coming out of the MA programme. Right now, I am heading up the digital side of things. My main responsibility is overseeing the running of digital marketing campaigns. Within Autonomy we are a small team with individual roles but each of us project manages various releases. This means I’m not just doing the digital side of things all the time and get the opportunity to oversee entire projects, getting a wide breadth of experience while developing my skills in other areas.

What are you most excited about working at Autonomy? Any cool projects you are work on at the moment?

At the moment I’m most excited about bringing in new artists. I’m really into Hip Hop and want to expand our roster to include more Hip-Hop artists. I am currently working on a campaign with fellow TYE alumni Tracey Kasongo, for up and coming rapper “Lord Isaac”. I’m really excited about this release and can’t wait to see how we can progress his career and expose him to more potential fans! 

Congratulations Callum! We are so excited to see all the amazing projects you will be working on. 

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