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ELEVNS Reveals CUES​ – A Live Performance Sample Pack

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Today, London-based electronic producer-duo ELEVNS have announced CUES, an exciting sample pack taylor-made for live performers and session musicians that features professional cues in two languages: English (UK and US) and French. CUES will be available on December 4 2019.

ELEVNS have been touring the UK and international circuit; with much acclaim to their live performances, they’ve showcased in Rockwood Music Hall (New York), Madame Siam (Los Angeles) and London’s famous Camden Assembly, to name a few. The duo have created this pack to empower other electronic artists in amping up their live performances with professionalism and ease.

CUESwas made to help performers and session musicians with their song structures by creating a tool that will help them create custom cues tracks that go along with their backing tracks and make their performance as strong as possible. We used to record cues for every single song and it would take a lot of time and effort. So we decided to come up with a tool that allows us to save time in this process.



The samples contained in this pack have been created in two languages: English and French. The English folder contains samples with American female and English male accents. The samples are a compilation of common cues such as ‘intro’, ‘verse’, ‘chorus’, etc, as well as numbers, song keys and more specific cues such as ‘section’, ‘band drop’ and ‘double-time’.


CUES’ major feature is the MIDI instruments it comes with. Both Ableton Live and Logic Pro X users will be able to use midi to trigger the samples in the simplest and most intuitive way

possible. All samples are organised and contained within customised DrumRacks​in Ableton

Live and EXS24​​in Logic Pro X. Each set of samples has been organised and midi-mapped by octaves in order to make it easier for the user to find the right cue for a certain section of a song. With this in place, the user is able to copy and paste a midi clip of a cue and change the midi information to get to the right sample.


CUES will be available worldwide for £29 via online purchase.

CUES requires either of the below:

  • Ableton Live 9 or Higher
  • Logic Pro X 10 or Higher


For interviews, guest list and further info.

elevnsofficial@gmail.com / +44(0)7490169039


ELEVNS is an electronic duo based in London, UK.

ELEVNS is the brainchild of two hard-working producers, Gramm and Aurelian, who were brought together by various projects from their pasts. They collaborated on what was initially posed as a brief project, but their undeniable chemistry inevitably developed this small idea into something much stronger and greater, which came to be ELEVNS.

Their joint love for Kaytranada, Snakehips, Anderson .Paak, Pomo, GRADES, J Dilla, 20Syl and Brasstracks is obvious in their stunning collection of beats. Over the past year they have been carefully selecting some of their favourite artists and collaborators and approaching them via friends and Instagram as they worked towards

creating their debut EP “Faces and Places”, which embodies the catchy, diverse and international nature of their sound.

It is a well-known fact that an artist is nothing without their live performances, and ELEVNS is more than aware of this fact. There are no limitations in their ability to put on a good show, whether it be a bouncy 2-person performance complete with live video, or a full-band spectacular. Their fans are no less committed, as they have been known to travel from all over the world just to see this young band play.

Last year they attracted the attention of ROLI after attending a conference about creativity that included a talk between Pharrell Williams and ROLI founder Roland Lamb in New York. They demonstrated such skill and ingenuity that they now have the backing of ROLI (and later Soundbrenner) who supply them with equipment.

More:​ contact@dejanewrecords.co.uk

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