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Introducing Tileyard Streamline

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We are excited to announce the launch of our live streaming and content creation service – Tileyard Streamline. To explain more we interviewed Dan Rainey, our Events, Marketing and Partnerships Manager here at Tileyard.

What is Tileyard Streamline all about?

Streamline is Tileyard’s response to the crisis facing the events industry. Since lock down began I’ve been talking to lots of people, trying to get a feel for what a world without live events looks like – and from an industry standpoint, it ain’t pretty. So, we’ve decided to rethink the way we use our venues and locations by installing live streaming and content creation facilities in The Gallery, and developing a large scale online event production model that can be activated in The Warehouse. We’ve also taken it one step further by partnering with On Air, a new pay-per-view streaming platform. By doing this, we’re excited to provide businesses and artists with new revenue streams that have been lost since social distancing made live events impossible. 

What can it be used for?

Anything you can think of! From a music stand point, we’re already doing artist showcases, live performances, DJ sets – any type of performance you would normally go and see live. And for these, we can assist with getting them set up through Dice TV, On Air, or your platform of choice so you can sell tickets, music and merch bundles at the same time. 

From an event standpoint, we’ve been doing hybrid events in The Gallery which incorporate live performances, Q&A’s and interviews via Zoom all streamed out via socials or Youtube. Things like comedy nights and panel discussions work really well. Plus, social distancing allows for 10 people in the room so you can have speakers, hosts and performances in the same room together, just like old times. 

We’ve also optimised it for businesses too so we are ready to roll with webinars, conferences, even awards ceremonies. Our team has been busy becoming experts on this, so we can help make the experience as easy and seamless as possible for clients.

How does it work? Are there different options?

That’s right. We have 3 models – CREATE, CONNECT and CURATE. 

CREATE is for clients who have all the gear and know what they want to do, but  just need a space or location. Prior to lockdown we provided locations for the likes of Netflix’s Top Boy, The Apprentice, The BBC and countless music videos and photoshoots, so we are more than happy to let you get on with it. 

CONNECT is for clients who need a space, the technology, and could do with a helping hand marketing and ticketing their event. These events are Gallery specific and encompass everything from corporate team away days to live streamed artist showcases. 

CURATE is for larger artists, labels and brands who are looking to push the boundaries with innovative online events. Think of it as a white labeled digital festival, presented in an awe inspiring space, with incredible lighting & projection mapped installations courtesy of our partners 19Mil, Colourblind and Rebel Overlay, and sound from EPA Audio.These experiences are filmed in 4k and streamed via the On Air Platform on a tiered, pay per view basis. 

What spaces do you use for streaming from Tileyard? 

The Gallery is ready to go, with The Warehouse coming online by the start of August. 

What platforms can you stream to?

In terms of the pay per view model, we suggest On Air and Dice TV, although there are a number of streaming platforms that have popped up, and we’re happy to facilitate them all. We can go straight to Youtube, any Socials, Twitch – all the usual suspects.  From a business standpoint, there is Zoom, Skype and Blue Jeans integration. 

Does Tileyard provide all of the tech?

Yes we do, that’s why we called it Streamline!

Does the stream have to be live? 

No it doesn’t – You can go live if you want to, or it can be pre recorded and sent out at a later date. 

Will Tileyard help to market an event?

Of course. We’re happy sit down and work on an event plan and marketing strategy so your event has the best chance of success. 

Where is the best place to go for more info?

If you’re interested the best thing to do is get in touch with me, Dan, and I’ll send through all the info you need. Hit me up at dan@tileyard.co.uk

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