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Karma Kitchen – Small change, big difference

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Karma Kitchen knows that small changes make a big difference. We’re inviting you to join us for a FREE meal created from food that would have otherwise have gone to waste, and we’re making sure it’ll be a party to remember!

Register now and head down to Tileyard’s Vinyl Cafe on Thursday 21st March for all of this:

– Delicious FREE eco-buffet

– Keynote presentation from the waste-master, Douglas McMaster from Silo Brighton

– Learn impactful food hacks to save the planet and your wallet

– Inspiring interactive art installations

– Food-cycling quiz, featuring most excellent prizes

– Fun and games

– DJ and dancing

– Karmic giveaways

Shockingly, research shows that UK households waste on average the equivalent of eight meals a week. We throw away 7.1 million tonnes of household food waste a year in the UK, which equates to 156kg per person! Of the 7.1 million tonnes we throw away, 70% is food we could have eaten.
This unnecessary food waste inevitably ends up in landfill, contributing to the production of harmful Co2, wasted money on grocery bills for domestic consumers and additional landfill costs for local authorities. Additionally, the energy and water used to produce these goods has gone to waste.
Clearly something has to change, for the future of the planet and our families. The good news is that there is so much we can all do to help reduce food waste, by being conscious in our selection, storage and use of food, by learning new tricks for preparing and using food close to the end of its life and by disposing of unavoidable food waste correctly so that it may be turned into compost rather than landfill.

Spaces are limited so grab your ticket today, and start making a big difference.

Book your tickets here

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