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Tileyard Planning Application

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Here is a brief overview of our planning application for the corner of York Way and Tileyard Road.

Fundamentally we have made a joint application with an adjacent landowner called Big Yellow which incorporates our new proposed office building along with their self-storage building.

The proposed scheme will deliver the following:

  • Create over 1500 new jobs
  • Over 70,000 sqft of creative space for Tileyard to grow its community
  • Over 50,000 sqft of additional Industrial uses
  • Enhanced Tileyard Impact programmes to help the community

Here are some images of the proposed scheme:

On Monday 15th April, a member of the Tileyard London team will be in the Vinyl Cafe all day collecting signatures for the letters of support. Please do pop by and help us by signing a letter of support.

We are conscious that you have all been incredibly supportive over the last few months and we certainly would not want you to think we are taking your support for granted but if you feel you can support our appeal we would love your help.

Team Tileyard London

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