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Our Mission

To champion and support independent artists and businesses by providing them with space to work and room to grow.

Every person at Tileyard is playing their part in something far bigger than themselves. Our purpose is to set the stage, and be part of the act, not the star of the show.

Rebuilding the music industry. Brick by brick.

We see the music industry of tomorrow as so much more than just music. We know that creativity thrives when creative people have the space to collaborate, and push themselves beyond where they ever thought they’d be. An industry that was once publishing and A&R has exploded into tech, fashion, even food. And that’s only the beginning.

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Good ideas aren’t always ordered, and great relationships are never straightforward.
What makes us special isn’t always clearly defined.

Tileyard is such a success because we curate a community of like-minded creatives, and then let them do their thing; providing a platform for different ideas to take shape, and take off. Our success is the success stories of our community.

Our Community

Knowledge + Tools
Flexibility + Support

  • Meet the team. Whatever your problem is, we've got you.

  • Nick Keynes
  • Milly McGregor
    Head of Operations
  • Lucy Macieira
    Senior Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Alice West
    Marketing Manager
  • Halina Paszynska
    Community Associate
  • George Pierettis
    Tileyard Driver
  • Daniel Kwabi
    Security Guard
  • Panos Agamemnos
    Videographer and Content Creator
  • Vanya Marinova
    Community Associate



Tileyard Rd. Kings Cross
London N79AH

Reception hours:

9am - 6pm Daily

Phone number:

020 3725 6104




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Our business is connecting great artists and creatives. If you let us know who you are, and what you're about, we'll know how we can help.