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Winners of the 2021 Tileyard Education Bursary and Scholarships Programme.

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A huge congratulations to our 2021 winners.

We are delighted to share the celebrations for the winners of 2021 Tileyard Education Bursary and Scholarships Programme.

Spitfire Audio – Georgia Meek

Aston Mic – Charlotte Samady & Marissa McKinnon
Autonomy – Amy Stopporton
Arturia – Prins Fimmers
Key Productions – Eva Dushaj
Yamaha – Raven Sinimeri
Focusrite – Giulia Fontana
Adam Audio – Keenan Bailey
Tileyard Music – Thando Zulu

And a huge thank you for the support and generosity from the incredible companies and organisations within the Tileyard London community.

We all eagerly await to hear more from the new wave of talent rising through Tileyard Education.

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