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6 Easy-Care Plants to Lift Your Workspace

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Wherever you are working at the moment, the simple addition of a plant can make a real difference to your work and headspace. As well as bringing your desk to life, plants can boost creativity, reduce stress levels and increase happiness. Here are six of our favourites.


You’ve probably seen these guys hanging out in trendy London coffee shops and minimalist co-working spaces. Commonly known as ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’ or ‘snake plant’, they’re practically indestructible – perfect for new plant parents. They spend their time purifying the air by absorbing toxins through the leaves and releasing pure oxygen at night. A stylish addition to your desk.

Swiss Cheese Plant

If looking after plants isn’t your forte, the Swiss Cheese plant (or Monstera Deliciosa should you want to show off your green finger knowledge) is a good option. Its huge, glossy leaves make for a beautiful workspace plant. It grows pretty quick so ensure you use a pot with plenty of space. It only needs watering every week or so and a little misting from a spray bottle will help keep it happy and healthy too. If you share your workspace with a furry friend, give this one a miss as they’re not safe for pets. 

Aloe Vera

A cool succulent which helps purify the air by absorbing any nasty toxins such as those often found in cleaning products. Aloe vera needs a warm spot, occasional watering and will thank you for window sill seat. Should you cut or burn yourself then say aloe to your new friend. Snap off a bit of a leaf to make use of its hidden soothing gel.  

Peace Lily

Work got you stressed? You can always rely on a peace lily to photosympathise with you. This one has dark foliage and will bloom white flowers in a relatively low-light space. They are also admired for their ability to purify the air by removing toxins and thus creating a clean environment to work in – possibly the best reason to give a peace lily a new home on your desk.

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is a firm favourite simply because it is one of the most adaptable and easy-to-care-for houseplants out there. Let a spider plant dry out between watering and they’ll be as happy as Larry. The only downside? You will have to keep up with these speedy growers and take cuttings to make spider plant babies to share with your colleagues.

Photo credit: @holly.beechener

Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plants are a breeze to care for and will care for you in return! In fact, they have been approved by NASA as a powerful, natural air-purifier. These are ideal if you’re on the hunt for a handsome plant but don’t have much space. Chinese money plants have compact, cheery leaves that tend to grow towards the light. Keep them growing nice and evenly by rotating the pot every few days. They are also believed to bring fortune and good luck!

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