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Audio Media International Launches Next Generation Spotlight

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Tileyard resident Audio Media International are launching its Next Generation spotlight which will celebrate the most exciting emerging studio engineers and producers in the business. 

AMI is committed to supporting the future of the studio industry, and that means championing the brightest breakthrough talent. The Next Generation campaign will shine a spotlight on those who have been making significant strides in their careers, spanning the full spectrum of styles, genres, budgets and studios. 

The Next Generation spotlight will take the form of regular profiles on those doing great work in the studio, exploring their careers to date, the key projects they have worked on so far, their route into the industry and what they are working on next. These profiles will be shared across all AMI digital platforms – website, newsletter and social media channels.

How to get involved?

To be considered for inclusion in the Next Generation spotlight, all entrants should provide, in writing, examples of significant career progression over the past 12-18 months, such as being able to go full-time in their profession, client rosters, details of notably challenging/innovative/high-profile projects they have been a part of and any awards/prizes they have won or been nominated for. Essentially, an outline of demonstrable career development during this time frame. 

To put yourself or anyone you feel fits the bill forward, please email AMI editor Daniel Gumble at daniel@audiomediainternational.co.uk by November 7th 2020. 

Who can enter?

Anyone. No barriers to entry, no age limits. Anyone is free to put themselves, or someone they know, forward. AMI asks that submissions clearly detail key areas of career progression. The focus is on those making significant strides in their career, not those who have been long-established as full-time professionals. 

AMI editor Daniel Gumble commented on the initiative: 

“We’re so excited about this project. There are so many incredibly talented engineers and producers working in the industry at the moment, many of whom do not receive the recognition they deserve. We feel it is our duty to support the next generation in any way we can and highlight the amazing work being done by those breaking into the industry. We are also delighted to be partnering with Genelec on this initiative. Their commitment to the future of the industry is second to none and it is an honour to be working with them.”





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