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Audoo Partners With The Featured Artist Coalition To Deliver Unparalleled Real World Music Data To The Music Community

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Music-tech company and Tileyard residents Audoo join the FAC, as they commit their support to the mission of revolutionising public performance royalties.

The partnership will see Audoo working closely with the FAC team to deliver market leading insights and educational content to the FAC community. The key focus will be on real-world data, best practices on royalty registration and the wider market challenges, in an effort to help eliminate inaccurate royalty payments. In addition, the partnership aims to build direct relationships with FAC artist members to strengthen their support across the industry. This comes after publicised backing from key industry figures such as Björn Ulvaeus, Steve Sidwell and Tileyard London.

Currently, the Audoo team are rolling out their Audio Meters globally to power the accurate distribution of public performance royalties, based on real-world data from across the globe. The data, which is shared directly with their PRO/CMO partners, will allow artists and songwriters to see how and where their tracks are being enjoyed in public spaces and what royalties they should be expecting as a result.

The FAC are excited to witness first-hand how Audoo’s solution will positively impact artists and songwriters and are proud to be supporting their global roll-out.

FAC CEO, David Martin said:

“Audoo’s solution will see public performance royalties being distributed accurately and transparently to artists and songwriters for the first time. The protected and increased revenues, as well as the performance insights for artists and songwriters, will be game changing and should support the progression and success of their careers. We’re thrilled to be working with Audoo in supporting our members and the music community beyond.”

As well as supporting the partnership with education and community outreach, Audoo are actively looking for artist ambassadors to champion their mission. Audoo’s Head of Creative Community, Jess O’Brien commented:

“Artists and songwriters are at the heart of everything we do – we exist to ensure that creators get paid accurately for the use of their work, so that they can continue to produce music. It’s a pleasure to work with the FAC to enlighten members on how Audoo’s technology can directly help them, but also assist with further education across the whole value chain.”

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