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‘CTRL ALT DELETE’ by Ree ft. Maki Flow

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Tileyard Education student of MA Commercial Music Producer, Ree, has released a track on Sony Sweden ft MA Commercial Songwriting and Production student, Maki Flow.

You can listen to the track ‘CTRL ALT DELETE’ here.

All of the students on the MA Commercial Songwriting and Production and MA Commercial Music Producer course enrol on 3 songwriting camps during their one year masters programme. Each term they receive the opportunity to write with pro-writers as part of their masters programme, responding to live briefs.

In terms 1 & 2 they write here at Tileyard London, the home of Tileyard Education. In term 3, Tileyard Education organise an international songwriting camp with their international partners. This year they sent the students out to three locations across Stockholm, Copenhagen and Malmo. The camp was co-organised with publishing and management company, and Tileyard Education partners, Tileyard Music. Artist Manager Giovanni Damiani & Artist and A&R Manager Jason Sharpe from Tileyard Music also attended the Copenhagen camp.

Ree wrote the song ‘CTRL ALT DELETE’ during the camp, and the song is already signed to Sony Sweden. The song was written as part of the Copenhagen Camp with GL Music. It was produced by Amrit Singh (Ree) and co-written with student Francesca Di Biasi (Maki Flow) and rapper J Spliff (Jacob Jørgensen).

Ree said the camp was amazing, with great vibes, and many students including himself are planning on going back to GL Music to write with some of the artists. He commented that the Danish team were very confident, but also very encouraging with their feedback, and constructive with their criticism. All the students worked so hard, they would be in the studio until close, come back to the hostel, and work some more; they were so immersed in the whole experience.

Ree says the idea for ‘CTRL ALT DELETE’ came to him on the plane on his way to Copenhagen for the camp. The track is based on an old sample, chopped up old song, modern and vintage. The track is inspired by the concept of breaking up with a partner, and when things get too tough, just  ‘CTRL ALT DELETE’. Some of the group had experience of ex-partners, getting the same partners, over and over again, copies of the previous. So CTRL ALT DELETE symbolises starting afresh.

Maki Flow:

“It was one of the best experiences of my life. The guys were all super talented, the standard was high and it was just so beautiful to see the magic happen during every session and to be part of that. I’m so glad I happened to be in the same session with Amrit that day ’cause he is one of my best mates and we connect musically very well. That session was very fun as well.”


“The camp was amazing, all of the tracks that were made were really high quality, and everything was amazing. There was nothing but good vibes, it was a huge success, and I want to go back soon”

Soren Kalsboll (GL Music):

“It’s amazing to have followed the process of CTRL ALT DELETE demo to the final version. When we heard it at our GL/Tileyard camp it was clearly one of the songs who stood out the most and we’re thrilled to see that this is being released.”

J Spliff:

“Working with Ree and Maki was a pleasure.. we hit the Vibe easy and finished the song fast cause the energy was right there”

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