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Yolanda Brown And James JP Drake Launch The Drake YolanDa Award 2021

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Get the opportunity to showcase your talent, applications close this Friday! 

Award-winning saxophonist, broadcaster and Tileyard resident YolanDa Brown has once again teamed up with philanthropist and entrepreneur James JP Drake to bring you The Drake YolanDa Award!

The Drake YolanDa Award first launched in 2019 and is back again this year after the music industry was forced to be paused due to the pandemic. 

The aim of this award is to help young emerging artists with their music journeys and taking their careers to the next level. Ten artists will each be awarded £3000 to support their artistic development in any areas they need, whether it’s touring, album recording, music video, PR etc. 

Applications are open to artists across any genre of music between the ages 16 to 30.

This amazing opportunity will allow them to showcase their talent here in The Gallery, at Tileyard London, and have the chance to discuss with a music industry panel where they wish to take their career.

The application (extension) deadline is on the 15th of October 2021 – Apply here

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