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Focusrite Supports Tileyard Education MA student VNRBL with Bursary

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Tileyard resident Focusrite have awarded Abi Reddey, artist name VNRBL, with Focusrite’s 2020 bursary. 

Abi (VNRBL) is as slick with the production as she is with her songwriting and vocals, she’s a bit of an all rounder, and one to watch! Tileyard Education briefly caught up with VNRBL to find out more about her project, and the bursary.

VNRBL has a wide range of influences, at the moment she tells us her sound is quite ‘groove based’, as she followed the inspiration of beach sounds from her home town Perth, Australia.

Abi has been studying with Tileyard since Sept 2019, and has spent a lot of time in the studio, we ask her how she has found Tileyard so far:

“The best part about being a student at Tileyard for me has been the community. A lot of the time I find myself working  alone and that can be quite limiting at times. Having the opportunity to be around other people with similar goals and passion for their craft has been really empowering and motivating, and being part of the Commerical Music Producer MA has given me the chance to really explore myself as an artist and take the time to focus on finding my own sound and style.”

Abi’s gentle ocean breeze inspired tones can be found in most of her new music, as lockdown has given her a lot of time to reflect, she told us:

“I’m more of a hippie than I ever realised! I’m drawing from that a lot now in my songwriting and production, especially at the moment whilst we’re in lockdown. Genre’s I sound like at the moment are probably; Tropical House, Afro Beat, Singer-Songwriter, EDM.”

Abi was a fantastic choice for Focusrite, she is a driven creator, and has already been sighted by some of the Tileyard Music team. Abi said:

“Over the next twelve months it is my priority to start putting out as much music as possible and to be performing any opportunity I get. Focusrite have given me some amazing gear to work with and that is really going to help me build my live shows so get ready to see some of that soon!”

We are so excited for Abi, and Focusrite! Focusrite are passionate about developing and supporting emerging talent. This is the second year in a row the Focusrite family have supported a student, working with Christina John last year. As a brand, Focusrite are known for their amazing audio interfaces, we already use them in every Tileyard Education studio and writing room.

“It’s the job of an audio interface to sit between you and your sound being shared with the world, and we’re the best in the world at making that happen.”

Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd are part of the larger Focusrite family that consists of Focusrite Pro, Novation and Ampify Music brands and ADAM Audio GmbH.

Tileyard Education are incredibly excited to see Focusrite support MA Commercial Music Production student Abi to level up her music career with some stunning equipment. Focusrite awarded Abi with a Clarett 4pre USB audio interface along with a load of Novation gear including an SL MkIII, a Launchpad X, and a Bass Station II.

The company are due to work with Abi in a much wider context, offering her opportunities to work with the team, run interviews, assist in building an artist profile, and work together on other projects.

We’ll be following up with Abi and Focusrite as things start to develop, so stay tuned, congratulations Abi and thank you Focusrite!

Follow Focusrite here.

Follow VNRBL here.

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