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Georgia Meek our Spitfire Audio Scholarship Winner

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MA Commercial Producer student Georgia Meek is our winner of the Spitfire Audio Scholarship

Singing and writing songs from the moment she could put words together, Georgia Meek has spent her life developing her craft. Throughout her younger years she moved between choirs, bands and numerous projects until she found her current solo project. With a singular voice and a true understanding of her craft, Georgia has pushed herself at every turn.

During her time at BIMM she realised that her lack of technical production knowledge left her at a disadvantage, particularly as a woman in music. As a result she dedicated herself to learning how to produce in her spare time, but as she looked around she realised there were many other women in the same position.

Production in the music industry is predominantly a male field, and so Georgia decided to set up an online community of Female Musicians and Producers called FMP World. Now with over 3,000 members, it’s a community that connects female artists and producers that thrive through collaboration, support and inspiration. We are not just impressed by Georgia as an artist, but her as a person. Spitfire Audio share this admiration and so have awarded her the prestigious Spitfire Audio Scholarship.

Spitfire Audio was founded in 2007 by two award winning composers Christian Henson and Paul Thomson as a result of their dissatisfaction with the majority of string sample libraries at the time. They worked together and recorded their own samples and soon a buzz was building throughout the composer community. Christian and Paul decided to open up the samples to the wider community and so Spitfire Audio was born.

Spitfire Audio are committed to giving affordable access to sounds and sample collections that would usually cost an extraordinary amount of money to record yourself. This has allowed many who were priced out of composing to begin their careers. Spitfire Audio have seen a similar commitment to broadening access to the music industry in Georgia’s endeavours resulting in her being awarded a full scholarship to study at Tileyard Education.

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