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Get Pulped 3 x Webby Award Nominee

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We caught up with Julian Nott, producer, film composer and now executive producer of the new online channel Pulped.com.

Julian started his career as a producer and director for Channel Four Equinox science strand, before eventually moving into composing for film and television. Successes as a composer include credits for Peppa Pig and the Wallace and Gromit films. Julian is now engaged in developing the new Pulped brand as a content producer and CEO of the channel.

Tell us about Pulped?

Pulped is an online TV channel, mainly making comedy shows for a young adult audience, but also some documentaries and reality shows, which we broadcast on Youtube (Get Pulped) and Pulped.com. We’ve been out there for about 18 months and steadily building up our audience. We’re trying to be a bit edgy and provocative, but whenever we do that, Facebook and Google come down on us like a ton of bricks!

How long have you been part of the Tileyard Community?

We’ve had our TV studio at Tileyard for a good 5 years. Before we launched, we spent 3 years or so at Tileyard building up our programme inventory and developing the technology and skills needed for this venture.

Tell us about the Webby awards, why is it important to your industry?

There’s just too much content out there, too many programme-makers chasing the same audience. It’s very hard to get noticed in the noise. So getting nominated for the Webby’s is a big boost, because it means somebody somewhere thinks your content is good. In fact, we’ve got loads of awards (Telly Awards, Lovies, Broadcast Digital Award). It’s finding that loyal audience that is the really hard thing.

Tell us about the different categories you’ve been nominated for, and a little about each of the projects?

We’ve been nominated at the Webby’s for:

Best Video Comedy Long Form: Infatuation – Island of Love

A 20 part comedy piss-take of Love Island. The cast are people who wouldn’t stand much chance of getting on the real show. But we have even more drama and shenanigans than they do! And a beautifully dramatic finale. Some people may spot singer-songwriter Elroy “Spoonface” Powell (from Black Legend) in a starring role.

Best Video Comedy Short Form: Most Racist Uber Ride Ever

A dramatised true story retold by the comedian Gbemi Oladipo. It’s actually quite a shocking story.

Best Video Sports: Unbroken

A feature-length documentary about bare-knuckle boxing. Not for the squeamish. Tyler Goodjohn is trying to win the BKB featherweight championship but faces all sorts of obstacles, including those from his adult film performer girlfriend.

How do we vote for you?

Please head to the Webby’s voting site for their People’s Vote.

Infatuation – Island of Love


Most Racist Uber Ride Ever

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite and out more on Pulped here
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