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‘Have You Heard George’s Podcast?’ Wins Peabody Award

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A big congratulations to George the Poet and Tileyard resident Benbrick for winning a Peabody Body award for HYHGP – the first podcast out of the US to win a Peabody.

The Peabody Awards recognise compelling and empowering storytelling in broadcast and digital media. As the panel noted, George Mpanga’s podcast won the award for, “its innovative use of poetry, spoken word, and prose to build black worlds and to explore issues large and small, historical and contemporary, intimate and personal”.

George the Poet says: “We’re deeply grateful for every single listener who has brought us to this point, and honoured to be in the company of so many greats from across the media. Thank you to Benbrick, my team and the amazing people at BBC Sounds.”

Benbrick commented: “We set out to create something we loved, without compromise. To be recognised by the Peabody Awards is hugely emboldening, not only to us, but to Sanyu, and to all the other ideas in George’s mind that are hoping to escape!”

The award-winning two chapter podcast explores inner city life through a unique mix of music, storytelling, and fiction. The podcast won 5 Gold British Podcast Awards in 2019, including the coveted Podcast of the Year award, and also a 2020 NME award.

You can listen to and download Have You Heard George’s Podcast? here. Stay tuned for the third chapter later this year.

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