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Healios Spotlight Series: Preventing and managing mental health challenges

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As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Tileyard residents Healios are launching a series of digital events to discuss mental health challenges and the benefits of looking after your psychological well-being.

Healios are a specialist online provider of mental health and neurodevelopmental services with a simple mission, to bring exceptional healthcare to anyone, any time, anywhere. Through their purpose-built online clinical platform and self-management tools, they deliver high quality clinical care for the NHS, schools and other third sector organisations.

Dr Lars Hansen (Chief Medical Officer) joins Dr Melinda Rees (Chief Clinical Officer) in discussion.

Over the course of this hour-long session, our experts will explore:

  • Ideas around the prevention of mental health challenges
  • Family-centric approaches to getting well
  • The benefits of nature on psychological well-being

You can grab your free ticket to the event here.

More on Healios and their work here.

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