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In Place of War Raise Money to Support and Rebuild Beirut

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In Place of War are raising funds to support change-maker Chadi Nachabe and his Lebanese NGO Utopia, who in the aftermath of the explosion on the 4th August are working to clear the debris and start to rebuild damaged homes and property.

Tileyard resident In Place of War has been working with Chadi and his organisation for over five years.

Ruth Daniel, CEO, In Place of War:

‘Chadi’s work is around creating social change for refugee communities in Lebanon, using arts and creativity as the mechanism to do so. Chadi has a unique capacity to galvanise his community to help him create change. His work started during the war, when everyone else was running out of Beirut, he was the one running in to help community members in need. He is a true change-maker, with a big heart and love for his community.’

Utopia has mobilised the local community to begin the huge clean-up effort. Donations will help to restore a building near the port area in Beirut consisting of six small local shops and homes to around five families who are currently homeless and many hospitalised.

If you would like to donate, please click here.

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