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Introducing SyncVault

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We caught up with the new sync kids on the block, SyncVault. 

SyncVault made their debut in 2020, and are globally changing the way emerging talent distributes their music through sync, as well as changing the way influencers find new music.  The platform empowers musicians to market their music to the YouTube creator community globally, guaranteeing exposure to new targeted audiences. 

We caught up with Kali Bradford – Director Of Business Development, and Jessica Paine, Chief Community Officer to find out more about SyncVault’s vision and to find out more about their plans to grow.  

So how does it work? The idea is simple, SyncVault have their own team of A&R scouts who seek out good music, while creators can sign up the platform to find the perfect anthem for a piece of content. SyncVault does the rest, often finding sync matches in some of the most unexpected places. This is perhaps one of the most unique things about the platform, Kali explains “Through a collaboration with an artist from Denmark and a content creator from Brazil, both parties were able to gain exposure in different parts of the world that they otherwise might not have.“

They are taking a global approach to music sync, and have had great success with creators all over the world, allowing musicians a whole new audience and platform to be heard. 

“SyncVault is a new part of the marketing mix for a record label or an artist. As with radio pluggers, they are engaged with the industry, SyncVault sees themselves as the influencers – with a play-in company that creates a relationship between the artist and the tech.”

Kali explained that the platform has supported artists to get their music heard over the last year of the pandemic, “Since the pandemic and the demise of touring, artists have been able to gain exposure with different audiences and countries through the platform. This has been a gamechanger for artists.”

SyncVault also focuses on YouTube creators rather than social media trends, offering long-term exposure to artists, with YouTube gaining a 70% increase in view time in 2020, Kali explains, “Working with Youtube content artists and content creators, SyncVault can provide a more evergreen platform, when compared to the rise and fall of TikTok trends.” 

2021, looks to be an exciting year for SyncVault, with a focus on ‘humanising their brand, they have plans to create face-to-face mixers for artists to meet creators, and will also be hosting a stage at the prestigious Liverpool Sound City this year.

SyncVault have also just announced a competition with VidCents Music, in partnership with Liverpool Sound City, CD Baby and Blackstar Amps, giving one emerging artist the opportunity to kickstart a promotional campaign for their music.

The winner will win a variety of prizes including the opportunity to play at Liverpool Sound City this year, VidCents Music promotional campaign worth $1000, distribution and release strategy session with CD Baby and three incredible Blackstar FLY mini amps.  A further four artists will win a VidCents Music campaign from SyncVault worth $250.

The competition is open to all artists that release and perform original music. All genres and styles are welcome. To enter, artists need to head to SyncVault and submit their music to the A&R team along with a link to a live performance video. –  https://syncvault-submission.typeform.com/to/fbadY5yB

The competition closes on 12 August at midnight, and the winner will be announced on 27 August.

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