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Introducing Tileyard Impact

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On the 20th June we are launching Tileyard Impact – our new community outreach programme.

Tileyard Impact works closely with talented people aged 16-25 from disadvantaged communities local to Tileyard London in King’s Cross and other City & Provincial sites. Through training, gigs, performances, masterclasses and inspirational cultural events, the programme provides young people with entry-level access to the creative industries.

Tileyard Impact strives to provide candidates with real life, meaningful work experience and access to industry networks. Opportunity training is available to teach young people how to navigate and behave in the surroundings of the creative industries.

By embedding crucial business tasks such as data entry, digital marketing, social media promotion, video editing, visual airbrush work and music production, candidates learn firsthand how to prepare for entry level positions in the creative sphere.

Here are some examples of work experience projects at Tileyard Impact:

  • Fashion Photoshoots (photography, modelling, project management)
  • Music Publishing (song-writing, law, music publishing, royalty collection)
  • Product Launch (music mastering, merchandising, design)
  • Event Management (ticket sales, venue management)
  • Computer Games (coding, television production, tech)
  • Radio/Podcast Producer (presenting, radio production, research)
  • Remix Producer (music production, recording studio, tech)

Tileyard Impact is also a supporter of the Islington 11 By 11 and 100 Hours´World of Work strategies.

The 11 By 11 scheme strives to make available 11 outstanding cultural experiences by Year 11 for all children and young people attending Islington schools. The 100 hours World of Work iniative is committed to ensuring that all young people benefit from 100 hours of work experience by the time they reach the age of 16.

You can watch the Tileyard Impact launch party video here

To sign up and take part in Tileyard Impact please visit www.tileyardimpact.co.uk

For further information please contact Wizdom@tileyard.co.uk

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