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Isabel Murphy designs logo for new TALENTBANQ venue

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Tileyard Education MA Entertainment Design Student, Isabel Murphy, was recently commissioned to design the logo for TALENTBANQ’s new Camden venue. We spoke to Isabel to find out more about how her positioning at Tileyard helped her to secure this exciting project.

Tileyard residents Talentbanq are a Live music agency representing independent artists who deliver exceptional LIVE performances. In a new venture, they’re opening up a venue called ‘The Music Room Camden’, and needed an exceptional designer to create their new logo to launch the brand. 

So Isabel, tell us about your latest logo design for TALENTBANQ’s newest grassroot venue in Camden – was it the first time that you were designing a logo for a venue?

Yes it was my first logo for a venue, but also one of my first music-related logos which is good for developing my portfolio.

What was your favourite part of the process?

I really enjoyed pitching and discussing my designs, when I called the team we all got really involved in the process and edited it down until we all agreed so it was that collaboration that was really nice, and it was lucky I had a great team at TALENTBANQ to work alongside. 

Did you feel that studying at Tileyard Education is making it easier for you to get in touch with bigger companies and build your portfolio?

100%, studying at Tileyard has allowed me to make loads of connections and even some client work of course which is great, and I’m so thankful for that!

How do you feel being positioned at Tileyard has helped you make a leap in your career?

Well after graduating in a pandemic, I found it extremely difficult to find a job and I’d always thought of doing a Masters but never so soon after finishing university. By studying at Tileyard, I’ve been able to specialise my design practice within entertainment and music, which are industries I’d always thought I want to work within. 

As a design student, I have been introduced to and given many opportunities to develop upon my digital design skills which have really helped me add to my professional portfolio; through studying at Tileyard I have had some packaging designs produced for an upcoming event, I’ve taken part in an internship with TALENTBANQ and also gained some client work so it’s fair to say that I have had a few successful experiences whilst studying here.

Overall, I would say that the community at Tileyard is very supportive, everyone is very keen to help you out and that’s really encouraging as a young designer, not only have I learned a lot in the past few months of study but I feel its also helped me navigate where I want to go in my career and aided me on how I can get there.

Check out Isabel Murphey’s work here.

Check out Talentbanq here.

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