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Karen Emanuel, CEO of Key Production, is Carbon Literate

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A big congratulations to Tileyard resident Karen Emanuel who is now officially Carbon Literate!

Karen participated in the Carbon Literacy Project organised by the BAFTA albert Consortium to learn more about the effects of carbon emissions and how she can reduce her carbon emissions on a personal level and for Key Production.

Karen stated “The first part of the training when we were told the hard facts made me want to throw myself from a very tall building. After the second part of the training, we realised that by taking action (particularly governments but also individually) we can make changes that will help the world”. This will help the company to become more aware of their carbon footprint and how it can be reduced.

Karen also attends the meetings held by ERA which discuss sustainable packaging in entertainment and what steps the entertainment industry can take towards being more sustainable. The meetings include independent and major labels, the BPI, BBC, AIM, distributors, retailers and manufacturers.

Karen made some pledges both personally and for the business at the end of the course to:

  1. Stop using her car to get to work (she now uses the bus or a bike) and in the future – hybrid car or no car
  2. Eat less meat, especially red meat
  3. Try to persuade our landlords to change their electricity supplier to a green supplier (when we first came to Tileyard we persuaded them to start a recycling scheme)
  4. Carbon balance our office and travel. (We are working with CLevel to do this and Karen has visited the forests and spoken to the farmers involved in the projects)
  5. Research all of our suppliers to find out what they are doing to become more sustainable (in process)
  6. Look at the feasibility of carbon balancing in manufacturing

In addition to Karen’s pledges to reduce carbon and to be greener, Key Production have started using Fair-Well for zero waste shopping.

In the coming months Key Production will also be offering carbon-balanced manufacturing and enabling their clients to offset their flights through a partnership with CLevel.

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