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Key Production Launch Key Playback

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Tileyard resident Key Production have launched a new platform to support and amplify the voices of our music community – KEY PLAYBACK. We caught up with the team at Key to find out more.

What is Key Playback all about?

KEY PLAYBACK is anew platform revealing the best of the independent music scene, created in celebration of Key Production’ 30th anniversary, for people in the industry and all music lovers. 

KEY PLAYBACK is here to support and amplify all our voices by sharing inspiring stories and experiences from the music industry key players. Emerging artists, record shop owners, promoters, record labels, venues and music managers; along with anyone who’s creativity, tireless work and dedication continuously fuels our vibrant community. 

It is all about passion and love for music in a community that support each other.  

How does the platform work? What sections is it split up into?

KEY PLAYBACK is available on all Key Production social media and will provide content in each of these areas:

  • Community: How we as a community can help each other during these times.Information about organisations, fundraising and websites that help artists, venues and anyone in music who has been affected by the pandemic.
  • Playlists: curated playlists by us to help lift the mood
  • Recommends: awesome recommendations from us at Key Production and the community: albums, online radio stations, podcasts, books, etc
  • Exclusive Interviews: in conversation with people from the community, such as independent artists Gardna, Annabel Allum, Hoopla Blue as well as music managers, venues, designers and labels.

Why did you did you decide to create a platform like this?

Key Production turns 30 this year but unfortunately, we won’t be able to have the party we planned (for obvious reasons). We came up with the idea to celebrate our anniversary by giving something back to the music industry, especially during these strange times. We want to highlight how people from the community are dealing with the current situation, sending positive messages on how to stay creative and continue to work while we find our way out of lockdown; around the concept “music is essential”.   

Who is the platform for?

KEY PLAYBACK has been created for everyone who is passionate about music. Time and time again music has proved to be an essential part of our lives. During this period, it is important for the music community to come together.  

What do you hope to achieve through Key Playback?

We want everyone in the community to find in KEY PLAYBACK a platform to share their work and talent, express their art, ask for help and spread the word. This is an open space for artists and people in the music scene. And for music fans, to have a platform to discover new artists, find inspiring playlists, get information on how to help people in the industry such as artists and venues and great recommendations on what to listen, read and watch.

Has COVID-19/lockdown affected how Key Playback operates?

The idea of KEY PLAYBACK was born before Covid-19 got real, so we’ve had to videocall interviews instead of meeting face to face. The fact that things have changed in the world though has given us a chance to get together as a community, help each other and figure out how can we all come out of this stronger. We think we should take this opportunity to re-group as a more organised and collaborative scene.

Can Tileyard community members get involved? If so, how?

Of course! If you have any ideas about how to help the community or would like to spread the word about something exciting, please get in touch with us via Key Production socials! We’d love to hear from the Tileyard community. As we said, at the end of the day, we are here to support each other.

Where is the best place to stay up to date with all the latest Key Playback content?

Key Production Instagram for sure! Make sure you follow us! Check out our feed, stories and Key Playback IGTV for exclusive interviews. You can watch Gardna’s, MC artist from Bristol, interview now, and Guildford-based singer songwriter Annabel Allum next week. Don’t miss it out!

We post Key PLAYBACK content across all our socials, but Instagram is our main platform.

Is there anything else we should know about Key Playback?

We think it is important to help each other, so please check out KEY PLAYBACK, share, get involved, make it part of the community.

Check out the trailer video here

Key Playback main channel

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