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Tileyard residents Key Production have turned 30!

Call it vinyl, cassette, box set, DVD, or CDs, Key Production make it. Key have been passionately making records for the last 30 years.

In celebration, their team have launched a digital magazine, which you can check out here.

Fiercely independent, Key answer to their clients only, nurturing their partnerships, and keeping collaboration at their core.

Key’s talented team have gathered a worldwide imprint through offering a bespoke, tailored service working with clients on both value and quality.

In 2011, Key purchased luxury packaging specialist Think Tank Creative, expanding their expertise, enabling delivery of an even wider array of bespoke products and tailored project management services. 

In 2015, Key also acquired Breed Media adding more depth to their offering of unsigned artists and smaller record labels, followed by their purchase of Modo Design and Production in 2016, allowing them to offer in house CAD design presentations and templates for bespoke printing.

Hear what their clients say.

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