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Pendulum Release New Single ‘Come Alive’

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‘Come Alive’ follows on from ‘Driver’ and ‘Nothing For Free’, Pendulum’s first new music since UK #1 album ‘Immersion’

Tileyard residents Pendulum – one of the most iconic electronic acts of all time are back for 2021 with their new single – ‘Come Alive’ is released alongside an epic new live video.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/0op0bPMmeag

Following their first new music since the UK #1 selling album ‘Immersion’ ‘Come Alive’ is the third new track from the Australian band, after they released the massive drum & bass anthem ‘Driver’, and stunning vocal track ‘Nothing For Free’ late last year.

With ‘Nothing For Free’ and ‘Driver’ currently at 20 million combined streams, ‘Come Alive’ looks set to follow, with it’s powerful and heavy guitar riffs and classic vocals from frontman Rob Swire. It’s the fan-favourite rock-infused electronic music that Pendulum do best.

Rob said: “It’s great to be back again with more new music, and to create a video featuring everything people have missed seemed like the right thing to do. We’re really looking forward to playing more shows as Trinity this summer”.

Listen to ‘Come Alive’: https://orcd.co/pendulumcomealive

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