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Redtorch x Tileyard London: Tips for Work-Life Balance

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We have teamed up with Tileyard resident Redtorch to share some tips on work–life balance as it’s easy to be overwhelmed by your work to-do list. Redtorch is an independent sports marketing agency.

Words by Justine Hembury, Director of Operations at Redtorch

What will the next stage of WFH be? I wonder. We’re all slowly getting used to the routine of the week. Learning how to take breaks is a new phenomenon. We’re becoming more absorbed into our work, ignoring the downtime we used to enjoy as there’s little variety and so many extra hours. 

Will our social distancing and isolation become more competitive or more wholesome? Street WhatsApp groups are developing into either public health announcements from those self-appointed, rather bossy or anxious neighbours, or wholesome families crowing about their latest 1000-piece jigsaw triumph. I love the idea of having a ‘Sit-Out’ with people on the road, but sharing videos of the family singing together and the kids playing their instruments is too saccharine for me. 

I must not judge. People react differently to all sorts of things at various times. Whatever floats your boat to get through this surreal Spring. So, Warbling Winnie next door, sing your heart out! She brings out the serial killer in me, so I’ve decided that’s the time to go for my daily constitution. 

Our working week may have been extended into hours that we don’t normally work. People seem to be busier than ever. Redtorchers are for sure! Our clients are our priority and we’re doing what we can to keep them happy and buoyant. 

I want to share some top tips on work–life balance as it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the work to-do list.

  • Start a fight with the cat or dog. Off-load to the budgie. It’ll make you feel a lot better when you sit down and start the next video conference call.
  • Burst into tears. You’d be amazed at the number of endorphins that flood your system. It’s better than prescription drugs I’m told. Go on… get the family involved, too. However, draw the line at sharing a cry-in with your colleagues and clients. That’s not professional.
  • Board games are making a come-back. I’ve rediscovered draughts. Set up the board with glasses of red wine on one side and white wine on the other. You don’t need an opponent – a cardboard box or the cat will do nicely. There’s a treat at every win. This is for over 18s only; the kids can play with fruit squash if they wish.
  • Gardening. It’s very cathartic at the best of times but now my garden is immaculate. I’m entering it for the e:Chelsea Flower Show. It’s a true show garden and I’ve been cutting the lawn with nail scissors. It passes the time very nicely and I can do it lying down. If you don’t have a garden, you could buy a Buxus plant and get creative. Topiary is the new hobby.
  • Hobbies. Find something that you’ve always wanted to do. I’ve developed lots of hobbies: fresh-water swimming, bonsai tree growing, crocheting, woodworking. I haven’t taken them up yet but in my head I’m on to it and am so much more interesting as a result.
  • A smile a day. E.g. cut your family’s hair – it really is the funniest activity! Obviously, don’t let anyone go near your own coiffure, unless it can be washed out (and do it only on your partner, flat mates, kids or pets. Be creative: let your inner hairdresser go! Be mindful of observing strict social distancing afterwards, especially while they’re getting used to their new look. It’ll make you chuckle every time you clap eyes on them though.
  • Meditation. This may work for some who live in a quiet house. My meditation has come in the form of de-seeding strawberries with tweezers. EarPods in, breathe, and calm. You haven’t lived until you’ve accomplished your first ever strawberry. Give me a punnet any day of the week. It’s so zen.

Try one of these a day and you’ll find you’re back on track with work and your life has resumed the right balance. Really, whatever blows your hair back. 

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