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SIDE Announces Partnership with The Imaginarium Studios

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Joining forces. SIDE partner with The Imaginarium Studios.

Tileyard London residents SIDE, an award-winning games industry audio provider, known for their 25 years of cutting-edge work within the global entertainment market, have partnered with the elite performance capture facility, The Imaginarium Studios.

Both SIDE and The Imaginarium Studios have earned reputations for their consistency in delivering a standard of excellence in high-end production over the years. The Imaginarium Studios was founded by acclaimed actor and director Andy Serkis in 2012 as a stand-alone facility focused on motion and performance capture services, now offering a 2,800 square foot stage with a clear height of 13 feet that has been home for many tentpole feature films and AAA games. Perhaps best known in the game world for its work on titles such as ‘Apex Legends’, ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, ‘Battlefield 1’ and ‘Squadron 42’, the studio has gone on to push the boundaries of the industry.

Utilising the latest techniques and technology, the Imaginarium Studios/SIDE partnership offers a comprehensive range of exciting services. Clients can take advantage of working within a defined and tested production pipeline, with the reassurance of full communication through every step of the process. Whether in The Imaginarium Studios’ motion and performance capture facilities or SIDE’s recording studios, producing quality results will remain the top priority.

Olivier Deslandes, VP of Audio at SIDE noted, “We see this as a perfect fit. This partnership will provide clients a seamless process from casting and talent management into creative shoot days, right through to delivery of final assets. Our London co-location with The Imaginarium Studios will help us deliver consistent results for our clients. We’re excited for this opportunity to grow and to continue on our joint mission to offer the finest audio and motion capture services in the industry.”Imaginarium Studio’s CEO Matthew Brown agreed, “The Imaginarium Studios and SIDE share the same commitment to always deliver the best for our clients. Our new partnership will be hugely beneficial to storytellers, creating a seamless experience for audio and motion capture services. We are excited to bring characters to life and take games to the next level with our new alliance with SIDE.”




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