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Small Green Shoots Move to Tileyard

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We are excited to welcome Small Green Shoots as a new member of the Tileyard community.

Small Green Shoots was founded in 2009 with the aim of giving young people from disadvantaged backgrounds (so-called NEETs) an opportunity to engage with music and the arts, and to use these experiences as a springboard for their future. Our ethos is education by stealth. Using our networks to develop projects and events that appeal to young audiences, and that result in a multiple of positive outcomes for all our partners.

As one of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Organisations, Small Green Shoots has also piloted and developed our comprehensive and successful Young Shoots Programme. Offering an alternative route into the workplace, each year this initiative offers a handful of young apprentices the opportunity to manage our events, and to benefit from placements in companies like Modest Management, Insanity Records, MTV and Adidas.

Our Young Shoots work hard. They gain relevant experience and they get paid. From the get-go they are mentored in all facets of event management- from bid-writing and brainstorming, through to media management, marketing and even basic accountancy. By developing transferable and tangible skills. Small Green Shoots aims to help them open doors to the hugely-competitive creative industries sector.





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