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Starscream Communications Move to Tileyard

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We are excited to welcome Starscream Communications as a new member of the Tileyard community.

Starscream is an audio only PR agency based at Tileyard London, Brooklyn and Paris. We put headphones, speakers, streaming services, studios and, sometimes, bands in front of national mainstream media. Formed six years ago to combat a wave of PR agencies trying to promote and explain consumer audio products while also promoting the likes of fish fingers and socks on the same cold call to journalists, It’s going well.

The team is a mix of ex journalists, label types and studio heads. When AA Gill said that most PR people were “the head lice of civilisation” we agreed, so tend not to hire them. We hire people that love music, basically and we’re after more people like that.

Our work has covered Marshall, Abbey Road Studios, Audio-Technica, Kygo, Qobuz and more. We target the mainstream media but also cover specialist audio media. Coverage examples from The Guardian to USA Today on www.starscreamcommunications.com alongside our team, values and some pretty photos of speakers the size of your washing machine. We’re in Unit 23 and have a pretty good hi fi set up.






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