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Tileyard Education MA Student Awarded Help Musicians Fund

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Over the past four years Help Musicians and the MOBO Trust have collaborated to deliver the MOBO Help Musicians Fund. The fund exists to support artists, producers and songwriters who work within genres of music of black origin.

This week the MOBO Help Musicians Fund announced their 25 winners and we are delighted to share that one of them was MA Music Business student Mauvey! Mauvey is a songwriter and artist who has big plans to change the world with his music. As part of the award, Mauvey will receive a grant, tailored business advice sessions with music industry professionals coordinated by ThinkMusic, and a health consultation with the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM).

Tileyard Education caught up with Mauvey to ask him how he felt about winning the package, and his future creative ambitions.

So Mauvey, how did you get into music?

I got into music late, I was at the beginning of a professional basketball career and the death of my best friend and other events drove me to rethink things. I started writing; poems at first, then short stories, essays and novels. Music evolved from the poetry I wrote. 

I started with spoken word, then folk music, then I found a bit more of an electronic sound. I refused (pretty early on) to be stuck in one genre. 

What made you apply for the grant?

I applied for the grant because I am passionate about black people and doing all I can to change many archaic views narratives. I needed help to be able to achieve this. My motivations are much larger than myself, I genuinely want to use my writing and my music to support people who need it and spark change in those who need to change.

How has this helped assist you on the rest of your musical journey?

This grant means I can create a piece of work that I am proud of. It means I can afford to record my most important work to date. It means that I will receive the support necessary for my work to be seen by more people.

What are your future goals and aspirations?

I am desperate to change the world. I want to communicate from the biggest possible platform and touch people with my writing and my music.

I want to be an inspiration to future generations, to young girls and boys who look like me.

How are you going to use your masters to further your career?

It’s important for me as an independent artist and a black man to educate myself. It’s my job to promote the education of minorities, and I can’t lead anyone if I am unwilling to do the work and educate myself.

I think it is important for more minority groups to be represented in the major music industry, I hope achieving this master helps me on the way to a successful career as an artist and music business owner in the music industry.

Keep up to date with Mauvey’s music here.

More on the MOBO Help Musicians fund here.

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