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Tileyard Health Online Fitness Class Schedule

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Tileyard Health are now offering weekly online fitness classes via Zoom. Everyone welcome!

Class timetable:

Monday: 12.00 Pilates
Tuesdays: 12.00 Strength and Conditioning; 13.00 HIIT
Thursdays: 12.00 HIIT
Friday: 08.00 Pilates

What you will need:

A positive attitude
Space to roll out a mat
A chair – ensure it is on a non slip surface or pushed up against a wall
x2 full wine bottles (or something smaller like tins)
Sweat towel!

Maximum 6 per session. This will allow the instructor to focus on you all, ensuring correct form and technique.

All classes will be 45 minutes in duration. All spaces must be booked and paid for before the class. Payments via bank transfer.

1-2-1 classes also available. Contact Stan on stan@tileyardhealth.co.uk for more details and to book.




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