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Tileyard Impact Work Experience Programmes

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Tileyard Impact works closely with talented people aged 16-25 from disadvantaged communities local to Tileyard London in King´s Cross and other City & Provincial sites. Through training, gigs, performances, masterclasses and inspirational cultural events, the programmes provide young people with entry-level access to the creative industries.

Tileyard Impact have created a range of 5-day work experience programmes. Gain valuable, professional work experience from creative businesses such as Pioneer DJ, Beats 1, Pyro Radio, Two Tribes Brewhouse and Taproom, Printworks London, Tileyard Music and more!

30/09 – 5/10/19:  Bars & Events Worker
21/10 – 25/10/19: Publishing Manager
25/11 – 29/11/19: Radio Producer
30/03 – 03/04/20: Product Release
06/04 – 10/04/20: Games Jam
11/05 – 15/05/20: Visual Effect
22/06 – 02/07/20: Remix Producer
06/07 – 10/07/20: E-Sport Gamer

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