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Tileyard Impact Student Secures Job at Sensible Music

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Cameron Hopley has landed a new job at Sensible Music after gaining work experience through Tileyard Impact, our community outreach programme.

Tileyard Impact works closely with talented people aged 16-25 from disadvantaged communities local to Tileyard London in King´s Cross and other City & Provincial sites. Through training, gigs, performances, masterclasses and inspirational cultural events, the programme provides young people with entry-level access to the creative industries.

Tileyard Impact Managing Director, Wizdom, caught up with Jack Freegard, the Studio Manager at Sensible Music to see how Cameron is getting on in his new role.

WIZDOM: Would you like to introduce yourself?

JACK: My name is Jack Freegard, I’m the studio manager here at Sensible Music. We are a recording studio based in the heart of London’s Kings Cross. We have been going since 1973; longer than I have been alive!

WIZDOM: So, I understand you were in a bit of a difficult situation a while back trying to find someone to replace your receptionist.

JACK: Yes, but we needed someone who would be more than just a receptionist. We needed someone who could be a studio assistant, get stuck in with sessions and help out. We’ve got a rehearsal studio here as well, so we needed some to help set up and break down rehearsals. We’ve got a hire department, so he’s learning a lot of skills across the board that will give him a good foundation for a career in audio. So it’s not just the studio, there are plenty of other practical applications and skills he is learning here too.

WIZDOM: How did you first meet Cameron?

JACK: Through Tileyard Impact. We hosted an event with a group of young people from Tileyard Impact who were extremely engaged and asked really well-thought-out questions. I was really impressed. I was especially impressed with Cameron, he stood out from the bunch. When the job vacancy becme available I contacted Wizdom at Tileyard Impact and said look, we need someone, can you recommend anyone? Cameron’s name came up straight away and we went from there.

WIZDOM: How have you been finding things so far, how is Cameron fitting in?

JACK: He’s fitting in great. He’s got the right attitude and that’s the thing about this industry. You don’t need to have all the knowledge at that level. It’s about having the right attitude, being able to behave around people in the right way and communicate well. Those are the skills that Cameron has, you can’t teach that, it’s innate. We’re really lucky to have him.

Executive Assistant at Tileyard Impact, Savannah Simms, caught up with Cameron to ask him about his Tileyard Impact work experience and how he is settling into his new role at Sensible Music.

SAVANNAH: How has Tileyard Impact work experience been different to your previous work experience opportunities?

CAMERON: It’s much more hands on. I’ve learnt so much at Sensible Studios too. In my previous work experience jobs, I was just photocopying and following people around, not really learning much.

SAVANNAH: What experiences have stood out for you the most so far at Sensible Music?

CAMERON: I mean, every day at Sensible Music! I’m calling my grandma when I get home saying things like “You wouldn’t believe what I did today?”. I think Max is definitely the person I have related to the most because my friends and I are trying to set up our own label. We’re at very early stages but he has showed me how important it is to have a vision and then pursue that vision. That’s the main challenge, you just have to work hard to get there.

SAVANNAH: Do you feel more confident about getting into the industry?

CAMERON: I do after working with Tileyard Impact. I really want to get involved with more things at Tileyard.

SAVANNAH: Cool! What do you think of Tileyard London, what’s it like?

CAMERON: Ah it’s crazy, I’d love to work there in the future. It’s an amazing space and I’d love to get involved with more.

SAVANNAH: Great. Would you like to add anything else?

CAMERON: Just a big thank you!! The opportunity came about quite quickly and I couldn’t believe it when I got the job.

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