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Tileyard London in Conversation with: George Lengyel

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Ahead of the release of the Tileyard app, we sat down with George Lengyel, the founder of HeyHub, to find out more about building the app.

What is HeyHub all about? 

HeyHub is all about getting involved with the people around us. The app connect residents, staff and guests in spaces, so they can interact, discover and share in a way that was previously unavailable. 

How and when did the idea for HeyHub come about? 

It came about 6 years ago when I was looking for a dissertation project idea. I was on the train and happened to sit next to a middle aged woman with whom I had a great hour long conversation. At the end of the journey we parted ways but I was left thinking “We would have missed out on that interaction if we didn’t happen to sit together. If we could consistently find the people around us we want to meet, life could be very good.”.

What does the Tileyard app do? 

The Tileyard app is the gateway between the staff and the community. Whether you’re looking for collaboration opportunities, connect and stay up-to-date with what’s happening on site, or just looking for some drinking partners, the Tileyard app is the place to be.

How is the app going to benefit the community? 

Community members can use the app to find those they want to meet, whether that’s people working in their industry, attending the same events, or exploring more of what Tileyard has to offer.

The app is going to create a sense of belonging and will be the conduit to life in Tileyard.

What has been the most enjoyable part of building the app? 

The most enjoyable part is creating something great that provides a wonderful user experience. When you see what you’ve been working so hard on come to light, it’s very rewarding and inspires you to take the concept even further.

What’s your favourite feature? 

Personally, I love the fact the app knows when you want to see content and when you don’t. We really thought long and hard about this, and not disturbing people when they’re at home is a very nice addition in my option.

Can you think of some unexpected benefits that will come from using it? 

I think the community will become more of an ecosystem. When you know there are people with you on site who you can collaborate with, there’s no reason to look further a field. 

If we can improve community collaboration by as little as extra 15 or so meetings per week via the app, I would be very happy.

What has been different about working on the Tileyard app compared to your other projects? 

Tileyard is a super cool space and working very closely with the team Tileyard has been great. They combine the Tileyard ethos with everything they do and I for one have learnt a lot – I think the community will be very happy with what we’ve produced.

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