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Tileyard London in Conversation with: Julie Adenuga

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Following the launch of her brand-new series Top 5, we caught up with radio presenter Julie Adenuga who created and hosts the show.

Top 5 is a celebration of UK talent which aims to highlight the amazing discographies that music UK artists have to offer. This weekly series is filmed in The Gallery here at Tileyard London and is based around three friends discussing, debating and then deciding on their favourite UK artists’ top 5 songs ever!

How did the idea for the TOP 5 series come about?

Top 5 came about from me always wanting to argue with my friends about music. Those are the best arguments. There’s no right answer, it’s a never ending conversation of banter & sometimes ~ tears.

What has been your favourite episode of TOP 5 to film so far and why?

Byyyyyyyyyyyyy far Jorja Smith. I never knew it would be so stressful. I nearly gave up and I definitely cried.

As part of Soho Music Month, there will be a filmed Top 5 / live audience episode. How will the audience be able to get involved? 

For the Top 5 / live audience episode we’re basically gonna give people a chance to shout at us & tell us we’re wrong. I don’t know why I’m doing this tbh. It’s hard enough doing this with 3 people … an audience is gonna be mental!

You seem to build a really easy rapport with your guests in interviews – what’s the secret to getting different types of personalities comfortable enough to open up?

I think people respect me… well I hope they do. I try to carry myself in a way that lets people know that I just want to have a good conversation about stuff. Normally, we also tend to have things in common which really helps.

You are a self taught radio presenter – what advice would you give someone seeking a career in radio broadcasting?

Radio is about being yourself. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. It’s like making friends – don’t be fake, don’t put on a ‘presenter’ voice. Just be you.

If you´ve had a tough day, what is your go to track?
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Travis Scott – ASTROTHUNDER

Any new artists should we watch out for in the next few months?

A young man called BenjiFlow who is a genius!

Any exciting plans for the rest of 2019?

Loads more arguments on Top 5, more of my Don’t @ Me parties with a live band & sick headliners & I’m gonna help my mum publish her auto-biography!

You can watch the Top 5 series here

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