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Tileyard London in Conversation with: The King’s Parade

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We caught up with The King’s Parade before they play their sold out gig here at The Gallery on the 4th December.

For those who don’t you know, can you introduce yourself?

We are The King’s Parade, an alt / soul / indie band from London. Current band members include Olly (lead vocals and guitar), Sam (keys), Chris (drums) and Tom (bass), although our Instagram followers seem adamant that we should fire Tom ASAP!

What’s the story behind the name of the band?

When we first met, Chris the drummer was extremely militant when it came to organising rehearsals so we nicknamed him ‘King’. I believe he plied us with alcohol one day and suggested ‘The King’s Parade’ as a band name. Foolishly we went along with it and accepted our status as his metaphorical minions for the rest of our careers.

You’ve worked on a lot of EPs in the past and now you’re focusing on an album. How is the process different? What are you looking to achieve by releasing a larger body of work?

As massive music fans ourselves, we understand that an EP can feel like a bit of a musical tease… Especially when you have released four of them in a row! So on a basic level, we’re aiming to give our fans a longer and (hopefully) more enjoyable listening experience. As artists, I think that releasing a larger body of work will push us more creatively, which is something that we’re always trying to do. I think the creative process will be similar to what we have experienced before, but with an album there’s more room for us to develop certain lyrical themes and to push ourselves with more challenging musical arrangements and textures.   

You put a lot of effort into your music videos. Where do you get the treatments for your videos?

We do all the treatments ourselves. Sometimes an individual band member comes forward with a clear idea for a video and the rest of us will help to shape and execute it. But there are other videos, like for ‘Bunched Up Letters’, where I remember the four of us initially sitting in the kitchen with no idea of what we wanted to do for it. Three hours of intense debate later, we had a detailed outline of what was to become the official video.   

You work across a variety of mediums for your music videos (stop motion animations, dance, narrative led etc). How involved are you in the creative process, and how do these collaborations come about?

We are extremely hands on in the creative process, probably because all the ideas for the videos come from us so we’re particularly keen to make sure the execution is the best it can be. Various band members will simultaneously play the role of director, extras, actors, camera assistants and on-site caterers. In terms of how the collaborations come about, for the most part we’ve just been lucky in having very talented friends!

Highlight of 2019?

Working on the songs for the album this year has been amazing – there’s nothing that beats the four of us jamming in a room together and coming up with and developing new ideas. Can’t wait for the rest of the world to hear what we’ve been up to!

Top gig of 2019?

We headlined the Duckstein Festival inLübeck (Germany), which essentially involved playing on a giant floating stage in the middle of a lake. You could actually feel the stage moving as we played which was terrifying but pretty exhilarating at the same time.

Go-to playlist at the mo?

There’s this great playlist called ‘TKP // Recomends’ … I hear the curator is incredibly talented.

What’s in the pipeline for 2020?

Most importantly – our debut album! Then a long European tour and some great festivals which we can’t announce yet but we’re very excited for. 

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