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Tileyard London in Conversation with: The Shindellas

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Girl band The Shindellas will be performing a live set on the Tileyard London Instagram on the 4th August at 7pm. We caught up with the talented trio, Kasi, Stacy and Tam, to hear more about the meaning behind their music, the mantras they live by and plans for new music.

For those who don’t know you, can you introduce yourselves?

Hi I’m Kasi, I’m Stacy and I’m Tam and we are the Shindellas

How did The Shindellas come about, when did it all begin?

The Shindellas began as an idea back in 2014. The songwriting and producing duo Chuck Harmony & Claude Kelly aka Louis York, founded Weirdo Workshop, their own label/creative hub where they could create music and art freely without boundaries and boxes. In this freedom they saw an opportunity to showcase the female girl group/band in a new light.

Stacy: “So, I am from Chicago, IL, I’ve been singing since I was fifteen. I started off singing jingles, songwriting and playing the guitar. Years later I moved to California and met Chuck Harmony. I joined him on a musical journey that led to the Shindellas years later. I really connected to the words of songs, the thought of singing something I would be proud of my little sister hearing and even my grandmother. 

Tam: I’m from Texas. I say the state because I claim a few cities there! Lol I’ve been performing publicly since the age of seven. Got my start in church and accomplished a lot pretty young. Well into my teens I felt God calling me to something bigger than me. But it wasn’t until a few years after graduating college, when that something knocked on my door. Claude Kelly reached out via Instagram after crossing a viral video of mine. He felt I’d be dope for “a special project” he and his business partner Chuck Harmony, were working on. Turns out that special project was the formation of The Shindellas. After meeting the Weirdo team and hearing the musical concept, I was sold.

Kasi: I’m from Seattle originally, but met Chuck Harmony when he was the keynote speaker at a networking event in LA. At that time I was touring and performing as a solo artist and acting. Chuck and I got connected on social media after that event and stayed in touch. When he reached out to me initially about his mysterious “girl-band project”, I was on tour in Tokyo. When I got back to the states I had the opportunity to fly to Nashville and meet the whole Weirdo Workshop team and I was all in. A couple months later I overstuffed 4 suitcases, flew to Nashville and into the arms of my sisters Stacy & Tam, and my brothers Chuck and Claude. It’s been a special kind of magic ever since!!

What’s the story behind the name The Shindellas?

The Shindellas is a derivative of the made-up word we use in the studio called, “Shindo”. We define a “Shindo” as an uncontrollably joyful feeling or burst of inspiration that causes chills, goosebumps or a shiver up your spine. So, we’re basically named after the way we want to make people feel! 

Can you classify your overall sound/style?

The great case for us is that we were created without boundaries so there is no classification for what we present. We are literally in our own lane. Lol! We like to say “It’s everything you ever heard and never heard before.”

Your music promotes self-love and empowerment through a mix of spoken interludes and lyrics. How does this fit with aiming to please and entertain your audience as performers?

Self love for us has so much to do with living in our own truth. We hope to inspire people to do the same by meeting them where they are and making our music a safe space to celebrate their truth. Our music in all of it’s quirkiness will definitely entertain, but there is always a deeper more meaningful message underneath. We call that a “deep fried veggie”.. 

What is it like to work with Louis York? Do you follow a particular process when you’re working on new music in the studio?

It is so fun and inspiring working with LoYo! We’ve all grown really close and are learning a lot from each other constantly. There’s no real process for us. We’re all extremely gifted and the guys are geniuses at capturing an artist’s essence musically and helping them channel that so as to bring out their very best. We go in with no expectations or limitations and the end result is always magic. 

There’s a line in your song ‘Costume’: ‘We’re The Shindellas, we’re truth tellers’ – how do you define a truth teller? What truths do you share? 

Yes, A truth teller says what people don’t normally say out of fear of losing something. For instance our first single “Reconsider” is telling our listeners to basically let go of that someone, that situation or that thing that no longer serves them. By practicing this ourselves we can inspire an entire league of strong and confident individuals. We ourselves are works in progress and we want to live every day working on being our best selves. Never perfect, but always perfecting. 

One of your mantras is ‘when women come together, powerful things can happen’. How do you feel you have become more powerful since coming together? 

We have learned so much from each other. We started with acceptance and transparency, we leaned into our strengths and our voices were amplified together. The representation alone of three women standing together is potent but, we have seen first hand what power we possess when we are aligned in purpose. It is beyond our imagination and literally nothing is impossible.   

You have released a few different singles and an EP. Can we expect an album soon? If so, what would you hope to achieve through a larger body of work?

We CAN expect an album! We are currently exploring and creating now and it is such a great experience! We really want to have the best album on the planet. Lol! So something for everyone but, really for us. A larger body of work allows us to create our own universe, with the different sounds being a vehicle that allows our listener to explore our thoughts, feelings and fantasies in a raw yet beautiful way. Our album will be a ‘fantastic voyage’ of sorts! Lol

Ultimate dream collaboration? 

Missy  Elliot on our jawn would be real nice lolol! 

What can we expect from your live set on our Instagram?

Shinnie vibes and a damn good time.

What would you like people to take away from The Shindellas?

We want people to be excited and inspired by our journey because we are and we’re grateful they’ve just discovered a whole new world of music and their new favourite band.

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