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Tileyard Music September Releases


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Here’s a round-up of the latest tracks released by Tileyard Music this September!

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Jonasu¬†‚ÄėBlack Magic‚Äô is¬†#4¬†in¬†Official Charts¬†and is¬†Brit Certified¬†GOLD! Congratulations to our¬†R√ėRY¬†and to everyone involved!¬†(4th of Sep)¬†

We are excited to announce that Ross Hamilton AKA Buzz Killer has signed a publishing deal with Tileyard Music and Sentric Music! 
We are so excited to be working with Ross and his managers Calum and Lewis. From the moment we met, there’s been a brilliant synergy. Ross has a proven track record crafting special songs and developing artists and we are thrilled to be his chosen partner to build on that” – Charlie Arme (24th of Sep)¬†


Ava Max¬†x¬†R3HAB¬†x¬†Jonas Blue¬†x¬†Kylie Cantrall¬†release their brand new single ‚ÄėSad Boy‚Äô co-written with our very own¬†Yk¬†and¬†Hight,¬†Amber Van Day,¬†Jack Hawitt¬†and Antonina Armato. Thank you¬†Spotify¬†for amazing¬†New Music Friday¬†playlist support! Listen to ‘Sad Boy’¬†now. (10th of Sep)¬†

‚ÄėPull It‚Äô by¬†Benny Benassi¬†x¬†Raiche¬†x¬†Vedo¬†is out now! Co-written with¬†Marli Harwood,¬†Polina,¬†Temmpo,¬†Bayku W¬†and¬†Taranteeno. Thank you¬†Spotify¬†for¬†New Music Friday,¬†Dance Brand and New Dance Beats¬†playlist support! Check it out¬†now. (10th of Sep)¬†

Don Diablo¬†releases his highly anticipated new album ‚ÄėForever‚Äô featuring two tracks co-written with Tileyard Music writers! ‚ÄėHigh Low‚Äô co-written with¬†Marli Harwood,¬†Michael Harwood¬†and¬†R√ėRY. ‚ÄėTears For Later‚Äô with¬†Galantis¬†co-written by¬†Yk,¬†Will Simms¬†and Etta Zelmani. Listen to ‘Forever‘ now. (10th of Sep)¬†

‚ÄėDo What Friends Do‚Äô by¬†Dante Klein¬†xHIDDN¬†feat¬†Havenn¬†is OUT NOW on all streaming platforms! Co-written by¬†Nicole Blair,¬†Andreas Kruger¬†and¬†NEAVE. Thank you¬†Apple Music¬†for¬†Breaking Dance¬†playlist support. Listen¬†now! (10th of Sep)¬†

Sonia Stein¬†releases her magnificent new single ‚ÄėMercury Retrograde’.¬†‘Mercury Retrograde’ puts the power back in our hands, which is where it‚Äôs technically been the whole time. It‚Äôs a seductive groove full of flashy guitars and smouldering vocals radiating raw energy.”¬†–¬†Atwood Magazine. Check the song out¬†now! (10th of Sep)¬†

New release by¬†Tiggi Hawke¬†and¬†CLMD¬†today! ‘Back For You’ is out now on all platforms! Co-written by¬†Katya,Kingdoms¬†and¬†Tiggi Hawke. Thank you Spotify for adding the track to your¬†New Music Friday¬†playlists! Listen to ‘Back For You’¬†now! (17th of Sep)¬†

‘Out of Lives’ by¬†Ares Carter¬†feat¬†Charlotte Haining¬†is OUT NOW.
Co-written by Charlotte Haining, Marcus Van Wattum, Tannergard and Richard Wiesenthal. Catch it on the Spotify India New Music Friday playlist and here! (17th of Sep) 

Infectious new single ‚ÄėBack To You‚Äô by¬†CC Clarke¬†is OUT NOW! Co-written by¬†Andreas Kruger,¬†Cancun?¬†and production by¬†Twin Lee. What an incredible support! Thank you¬†Spotify¬†for adding the single to your¬†New Music Friday¬†playlist!
Thank you¬†Wonderland¬†for premiering ‚ÄėBack To You‚Äô on your platform! Listen to the track¬†now. (24th of Sep)¬†

MOTi¬†x¬†Raaban¬†single ‚ÄėOne Day‚Äô is out now on all streaming platforms! Co-written with our very own¬†R√ėRY,¬†Jonasu¬†and¬†Yoshi Breen. Thank you¬†Spotify¬†for¬†New Music Friday¬†playlist support! Check it out¬†now. (24th of Sep)¬†

Summer might be over but¬†DAZZ,¬†CALVO,¬†x.o.anne¬†are keeping us hot with their new single ‚ÄėAlone Together‚Äô co-written by¬†Marli Harwood,¬†Michael Harwood¬†and¬†x.o.anne. Listen to the song¬†now! (24th of Sep)¬†

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