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Tileyard North Partner With Wakefield’s Long Division Festival

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Tileyard North have partnered with Wakefield’s Long Division Festival as a major sponsor for their 10th anniversary, due to take place on September 25. 

Long Division is an established annual festival in Wakefield, and is due to take place on 25th September in venues across the city.  Consisting mostly of artists who were originally scheduled to play the festival in 2020, the festival has announced an additional  30+ new acts from around the UK who will now appear at the beloved Wakefield event. 

Tileyard North have formally partnered with Long Division Festival and will be hosting a ‘Tileyard’ stage, to support emerging talent. As part of the partnership, Tileyard North are introducing ‘Georgia Meek’ to the line-up, a Tileyard Education student who was awarded the prestigious Spitfire Audio scholarship this year. 

The sponsorship is the beginning of an ongoing partnership with Long Division, as Tileyard will work alongside Dean Freeman, the festival’s Founder, to support the initiative and work with local talent. Future plans could see Tileyard North’s brand new event space facilitate some of the festival, which is set to open in 2022, as part of the phase one opening of the site.



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