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Tileyard Residents Win TIGA Games Industry Awards 2021

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We are proud to announce that Tileyard residents, SIDE, PTW, Trailmix and 2020 Recordings have been awarded the TIGA Award 2021!

The TIGA Games Industry Awards recognise excellence in game development, business and education across the UK’s gaming industry and celebrates their achievements.

Congratulations to SIDE for winning the award for Best Audio Services Supplier, PTW for receiving the award for Best QA and/or Localisation Provider, Trailmix for winning Best Casual Game, and 2020 Recordings for working with Variable State on Last Stop, winner of Best Role Playing Game.

While announcing the winners, the CEO of TIGA, Dr Richard Wilson said: “Congratulations to all the fantastic finalists and wonderful winners of the TIGA UK Games Industry Awards 2021. The TIGA Awards are all about recognising excellence. TIGA looks forward to working with our friends, members and supporters to promote excellence in our sector in the months and years ahead.”

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2020 Recordings

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