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Top 5: Tips for General Health & Wellbeing

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Welcome to our brand new ‘Top 5’ blog series. Every week we will be revealing 5 pearls of wisdom from a member of the Tileyard London community. From creative industry tips, to top places in London to eat and drink, there’s a whole host of knowledge at Tileyard that you definitely don’t want to miss.

This week we spoke to Stan Tang, the Director of the Tileyard Health and Wellness Centre. Stan has been involved in the Health and Wellness industry for over three decades. Here are his top 5 tips for general health and wellbeing.

In today’s society there is a lot of talk about wellbeing – mental, physical, economic and social. With all the literature out there it can get very confusing about what we should or shouldn’t be doing. Here are five things you can be doing to stay healthy.

1.Do something you enjoy every day

This is my number one tip. We spend so much of our time at work, rushing around and caring for others that we often forget about ourselves. Even if you spend as little as 10 minutes a day doing something that you want to do, it can make a big difference to your mental wellbeing.

2. Eat well & find balance

Never eat more than you can lift! We all know that you should eat healthily but it’s not always that easy. I think it’s important to strike a balance. Of course you can enjoy yourself and going out for those tempting drinks or have a takeaway every now and then. You just need to ensure you’re not doing it every day!

3. Stay active

Stay active but do it safely and know your limits! Staying active doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym every day. Even going for a walk during your lunch break can make a world of difference. Here is a link to the Wellness Centre class schedule if you fancy trying something new.

4. Talk to people & be sociable

Socialising can be great for our mental health. Instead of sending endless text messages to your friends and family, pick up the phone to chat or arrange to meet up. Technology has become such a big part of our lives but it’s good to put your phone away, stop staring at a screen and actually talk to people, better still face to face.

5. Sleep

Make sure you get plenty of sleep! Your mind and body needs to rest and recharge. I would recommend trying to maintain a regular sleep schedule. Avoid drinking caffeine after lunchtime as caffeine stays in your system much longer than you realise! Hard though it may be, avoid too much alcohol before bed as this can sometimes prevent you from falling or staying asleep.

If you would like any more advice or to book a class or treatment, please do pop by the Wellness Centre or drop me an email on stan@tileyardhealth.co.uk

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