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Two Tribes Partner with The Design Laboratory on Redesign

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We are delighted that Two Tribes has collaborated with The Design Laboratory to define and strengthen its brand.

Two Tribes’ ambition is to build a brand culture and community that is internationally recognised. They wanted to solidify their brand language in order to scale the business while retaining the creative flair that makes them unique.

The Design Laboratory have helped Two Tribes to define and elevate the brand by creating a consistent look and feel across all products. For the can re-design they focused on: wallpaper, typography, front and back labels, can closures, beer tap badges and more.

We spoke to Two Tribes Chief Justin Deighton about the new collaboration and here’s what he had to say:

“Working with Design Lab has been great synergy.  It is fortuitous that they have been fans of Two Tribes and we met them at our tap room. Working with Design Lab enables myself and Leo to still come up with the creative, but use Design Lab to refine and sometimes discipline us when we can go down a creative rabbit hole!

We approached Boris and Yann for feedback on the ideas for upgrading our existing branding as they have a wealth of experience in this field. Having just won a listing with a UK wide supermarket we wanted to make sure that the Two Tribes brand had optimum visibility on the shelves and to make sure the brand would stand out.

Design Lab refined our ideas and elevated the branding to another level of design. It has been a true creative collaboration and working with Design Lab is a great addition to the Two Tribes vision – more projects with them are now in the mix – watch this space!”

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