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We caught up with Alex Brees, CEO and Founder of un:hurd to find out more about their incredible data-driven music marketing company!

For those who don’t know you already, can you introduce un:hurd?

We’re a team of marketers and analysts who specialise in taking an artists data and turning it into data-driven strategies and marketing campaigns. We work across the digital landscape with both independent artists and major labels optimising and refining various marketing campaigns to deliver more effective growth. More recently, we’ve developed an app that will allow independent artists to run their own smart promotional campaigns. This includes activities like pitching to the right playlists for their music, using data to run stronger social media ads and posting the right sort of content on socials. Watch this space…

What is the story behind the name un:hurd?

Initially, I launched the brand with the tagline, ‘you have to be seen to be heard’ as the goal is to help emerging talent be ‘discovered’. This is still our goal, but we dropped the tagline!

What makes un:hurd unique?

Our tailored and thoughtful approach to each client. Our ability to find and pitch to the right playlists and optimise and refine social media ads. Our recommendation algorithms which create insights for artists.

How do you help your clients build their following?

First, we understand which type of follower count the artist should be working on. Is it social media followers, Spotify followers or do they have a really disinterested audience that needs refreshing. Once we uncover this, we then dive into which campaign would be the most appropriate (playlisting, Instagram ads, TikTok ads, email building campaigns, PR etc) to deliver impactful results.

You’ve mentioned on your website that you’ve worked with some of the biggest artists in the world, could you tell us who they are? 👀

I can, SAINt JHN was a client of ours two years ago who’s now one of the biggest streaming artists in the world. Others I probably shouldn’t say, but artists that are extremely prominent in the UK right now!

What’s the best way for someone to start using your service?

Send us an inquiry on our website OR wait a few weeks and you can find us on the App Store.

Can you share with us any exciting news for 2022?

We’re launching our App and looking to continue the development of this such that we have a robust and effective offering for the millions of independent artists in the world who are looking for a cost-effective and data-driven marketing solution.

What’s the best way for people to get in touch if they want to know more?

Pop into Unit 37 or drop us an email on alex@unhurd.co.uksterling@unhurd.co.uksteph@unhurd.co.uk or james@unhurd.co.uk.

Check out their website here

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