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Access All Areas Sexism in the UK Music Industry Live Stream

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On Saturday 5th September we live streamed an Access All Areas free webinar, alongside Tileyard Impact, from The Gallery at Tileyard.

The topic for the webinar was ‘Women in Music: Sexism and Racism in the UK Industry’. We were joined by a fantastic all female panel of guests including: Dellessa James; Amazon Music’s new Senior Artist Relations Manager for Black Music, Lauren Powell; Marketing Manager at Dream Life Records / Sony Music UK, Whitney Asomani from Black Music Coalition and co-owner of Twenty Two Agency and BBC Merseyside’s Ngunan Adamu.

Adelaide Mackenzie and Esther Durin closed the show with live performances and the event was hosted and moderated by Frankie Jay, DJ Longers and Jay McGregor.

The virtual event was supported by Tileyard resident Small Green Shoots, The Glass Hive, Music Against Racism and Trace Urban UK.

Watch back the live stream here.

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