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Catch Up With Tiggi Hawke

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We caught up with Tileyard based singer-songwriter, and artist Tiggi Hawke to find out what’s been going on for her in the past 12 months, as well as finding out more about her brand new single ‘Gonna Run’, out now!

Tiggi! It’s been a while since we caught up, what has the last year been like for you?

I think it’s been as strange as everyone else’s to be honest! It’s such a cliche but if someone had told me most of the world would go into lockdown on and off for a whole year I would never have believed them, and I don’t think I remember what leaving my flat without checking for a mask feels like anymore! On the up side, it’s given me a lot of time to write music with people from all round the world now that Zoom has become a major part of our lives which isn’t something that really happened too much before unless it was absolutely necessary, so that’s a silver lining.

We hear you! So how has the creative process been?

It’s been… interesting… in a good way and a less good way! So the less good way is while Zoom/Skype etc is great for being able to write with people when you can’t be together, it also definitely doesn’t compare to being in a room with writers and producers and being able to sing stuff at each other without the line cutting everyone off! I also personally find it takes away a lot of the personal connection you get with actually being with people so I have come off Zoom occasionally feeling pretty low energy-wise but that said, I’m grateful that we’re able to keep writing in any way. I’ve also been able to work with some amazingly talented people from all over the place which has really been incredible!

What have been your biggest points of inspiration and takeaways from the year?

When lockdown first started (remember that?!) and I naively thought it was going to last for max a month, I actually enjoyed being able to take a bit more time to think about my goals and achievements, something I’m trying to do more often now, even as things get back to normal. I find it very easy to get myself stuck in a cycle of not realising how far I’ve come and feeling like I’m not moving forward, so taking a moment and a step back every now and again has been really beneficial for me. I don’t know when I would’ve gotten round to doing that if it wasn’t for the lockdown switch up so I actually put that one down in the silver lining column.

Tell us about your latest single, ‘Gonna Run’, what does it mean to you?

Gonna Run is finally out! It feels like time has moved so slowly up to the release date, I was so happy when was it out, even though I still get that weird mix of excitement and nervousness! This song has been quite a long time coming, it was written on a writing camp in Spain with the amazing Cilverback and Hannah Wilson and as the song developed, Boye and Sigvard got involved and sprinted their production magic on it. The collaboration means a lot to me, I really enjoyed working with everyone and the fact that the song contains a bit of each of us.

What was your inspiration behind this?

So for me, Gonna Run is about asking someone to seize a moment with you and to not let it pass you both by, like a now-or-never ultimatum. I think everyone has moments that they wish they could go back to and relive without any hesitation, and this song is about asking that of someone, to take that almost blind leap with you and not to regret it when you back whether it works out or not.

What can we expect from you over the next year? Any exciting projects you can share with us?

Lots of new music!! If lockdown has been good for anything, it’s been getting new music ready! I wish I could tell you about upcoming gigs but everything still seems really uncertain when it comes to live music and how it’s going to be organised with the new restrictions so I guess we’ll just watch this space.

How do we find you/follow your music?

All of my music is across most streaming platforms and there’s an ‘everything’ link in my bio on Instagram! Incidentally, Instagram is my main home on social media and my cat Mr Business features regularly and it’s also where I post all my announcements like new music and (dare I say it) gigs!

Follow Tiggi here.

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