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Lucy Ann Macieira’s Half Marathon For Shelter

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Lucy Ann Macieira, Education & Marketing Manager to Tileyard Education, is organising a fundraising appeal on behalf of Shelter, National Campaign for Homeless People Limited.

Read on to hear more about Lucy’s half marathon story.

On March 29, 2020, I will be running a half marathon to fundraise for Shelter, a homeless charity.

As I step out of my comfort zone and into a space where my will and determination can be used for the greater good, I choose to challenge myself and raise money to support those that need it.

My motivation for this has come about for a multitude of reasons, I’d like to explain;

1. I grew up in London, where homelessness is a day to day reality for tens of thousands. It is a stifling and very heartwrenching truth, that I feel needs addressing in a way it isn’t currently. As I make eye contact, exchange words, food and space with homeless people on a regular basis, I walk away, saddened in knowing, this could be a reality for anyone including myself. No one chooses to be homeless, no one wakes up and wishes this, and yet, sometimes life leads us down paths we hadn’t expected. There is no difference between me, and the gentleman that sits outside the supermarket with his dog each and every day, we are the same, and he deserves better, he deserves Shelter, he deserves a voice.

2. I am still on a journey of my own personal grief, as I acknowledge it has been 18 months since I lost my brother to addiction, I know in my heart, his struggle was a very real struggle, that many endure on a daily basis, using a substance to escape a reality that one cannot face, is all too common. Many living on the streets have fallen into addictive circumstances, and I think as a society we need to look to these individuals with love, care, support and empathy, rather than disregarding them as lost causes. 

3. Part of my journey in seeking meaning in the above, is working towards and healthier mental and physical health, taking care of myself, and creating positive change, as I have been through my own depression, and identified my own addictive tendencies, as I take control of my own health and future, I hope to inspire, and share light with those around me through my actions.

In an ever-changing world, full of uncertainty, unpredictability, insecurities and injustices, humans could do a great deal of good by supporting one another, listening and connecting. 

I’d really appreciate the smallest donation, your support genuinely means the world to me. Thank you for reading, and if you feel touched by this, or as passionate as I do, please share.


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