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Lucy Macieira Joins the Tileyard London Team

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We are delighted to announce that Lucy Macieira has joined the Tileyard London team as our new Senior Marketing and Communications Manager.

After her first day, we asked Lucy some quick fire questions to hear about more her new role, her previous experience working at Tileyard Education and what she hopes to bring to the team.

Welcome to the Tileyard London team! Tell us more about your new role. 

Thank you so much! I am so excited! I’ve been dreaming up this role for some time now, and it has been a long time coming. My role is to help support the Tileyard brand expand, and to assist with the activations of some new and exciting projects. I’ll be working on the Tileyard North development, the Campfire development and some more projects that will be announced later this year!

You used to work for Tileyard Education, what did you do there?

I started working with Tileyard Education just over 4 years ago, being the very first employee working alongside the Managing Director, Harry. My main job was to help grow the brand, and I worked across a lot of departments at the beginning, before running the marketing department. 

What made you take the plunge to join the Tileyard London team?

I absolutely loved my time working with education, and I really feel like I’ve helped to nurture and grow something wonderful, but I felt I was ready to move onto some new and bigger projects. The best part of my role, is I get to work across all of the Tileyard brands and activations, it is literally my perfect job!

Can you tell us about any exciting projects will you be working on this year? 

I can, Tileyard North in Wakefield is one of the first big projects I’ll be working on. Tileyard North will bridge the gap between the London and Northern creative industries, building a thriving Northern hub of tastemakers and game changers, in the heart of Wakefield. The project has already received a lot of support locally, and work is already underway!

What are you hoping to bring to the team?

To bring dynamism, vision, innovation and amplification. Tileyard was built upon a community of extremely talented companies and individuals doing really exciting things, and I feel that is worth shouting about.

What do you love most about the Tileyard community? 

I have always found Tileyard to be like a family to me. From the first moment I stepped on site for my first interview, I remember peering through windows, and sitting in the Vinyl Cafe, and thinking to myself “If only walls could talk”. The energy that beams from not only the individuals, but the space is invigorating, it is exciting and inspiring. I knew this is where I had to be, everyone was so welcoming, and here I still am 4 and a half years on.

And now some quick fire questions! Favourite artist/band?

Hardest question of them all! I can never pick just one, Joy Division are up there, and more contemporary stuff, I love TYCHO and Tileyard-based band SONDR.

Best gig you have ever been to? 

This would have to be TYCHO at the Printworks last February, I managed to see them just before live music came to a halt. The visuals, industrial backdrop, and soothing guitars were a perfect combination.

Dream holiday?

Sipping wine in the Tuscan sun, upon a country backdrop. The world is a busy and noisey place, so I love peaceful retreats in downtime, and good vegan food!

Favourite food? 

Pasta, pasta and pasta. Always pasta.

Anything else you would like the Tileyard community to know? 

Yes! Though the past few months have been difficult, we are preparing for better times ahead. I am excited when we can start sharing more good news, with more people, and looking forward to being part of this journey.

Follow Lucy here.

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